11 branding mistakes you don’t want to make

In this video I share with you 11 mistakes you do NOT want to make when it comes to branding. The reason why I am adamant about this, is because a brand is mostly felt and experienced, not merely seen with the eye. What makes a good brand, is the synergy of all elements together, that create a congruent experience.

In short: everything needs to align. From the brand’s identity to the customer’s needs and the energy you guys radiate: it simply works.

PLEASE UNDERSTAND THIS: to build a successful brand you don’t need to do everything perfect. You don’t need to polish it up to the max. AT ALL. If you’re clear on the message and you focus on this part (content > looks) you don’t have to create the perfect Instagram feed, the perfect video. Get the basics right: minimal effort, maximal results.

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