About us

If you don’t step into your inner leadership, how can you expect things to change for the better?

Be a Brand Rebel inspires conscious individuals to express themselves fully by stepping into Personal leadership. We believe that leaders can visibly or invisibly lead the way on their own terms – if they dare to embody their truth.

Our Personal Leadership journeys support you in facing the invisible (the shadows) before making yourself visible (the light) as a ‘personal brand’. We support you in showing up unapologetically, from the heart, so you can deeply connect with others and influence them positively.

The fear of becoming visible

The reality is that most people have no clue who they really are or can become. Many of us have a desire to take the next step – in business, work, even love – but we’re often blind to our own self-sabotaging practices that keep us stuck in the same patters, stories, habits, results. We often play small or feel disconnected from what we do. And well, that doesn’t only stop you from living a fulfilling and purposeful life, but it also deprives your potential client or employer from benefiting from your support.

You choose your own flavor!

There is a part for you to play and it might be bigger than you imagined. Instead of sticking to your idea of you, you can choose who you want to be, how you wish to show up in this world and what you’ll do to make a difference, including voicing your message. And if you cover this with a delicious sauce of LOVE and juiciness, there’s no doubt you will spark people’s interest!

Personal Leadership: from self-sabotage to sassy sovereignty

Be a Brand Rebel is an interactive training and coaching company, powered by Michelle Coops, that supports conscious individuals to take down the personal barrier and step into personal brilliance. Through individual high-end coaching journeys, interactive group training and the inspiring online Leader Ship, we happily serve you to build and embody the inner leader within and make a meaningful mark. 

Please contact us if you have any questions on how we can help!