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For years I have been navigating the realm of love. Love for friends, family…. and lovers. I experienced many different kinds of lovers – some lasted one night and had more impact on my soul than a few months with another, others lasted years but made me die a little inside nonetheless.

They were all beautifully impactful.  They taught me to love, surrender, feel joy, set boundaries, understand myself, grow. They also caused me being judged, misunderstood and not taken seriously, cuz ‘ah, that’s Michelle and another one of her stories’. ??‍♀️

A part of me wants to punch people in the face ?, because I feel unseen and because I feel people are depriving themselves of so much love. But at the same time I get it. The conditioning of our society has an imprint on us all. And who am I to judge what’s right for others? ??‍♀️

And yet… it still confuses me to see how people contain love. ? Think of it in a structure, a confined box with a set of rules on what’s allowed, perceived as normal or valid. Something that will cause pain and loss, something to close your heart for.

Think about it:

?? We can love all our friends, children equally, but we can only love one special someone romantically. As if the heart can’t hold space for two or more. As if different kinds of love can only coexist outside of the bedroom, but never in it.

?? We perceive long-term relationships as ‘qualified’, and we judge an intense week of love as a ‘fling’ – even though we weren’t there to experience its depth.

?? We label a night with a recent encounter as purely physical, simply because they haven’t met in this physical world before.

You may think you don’t confine love. But chances are you do. Because in a way, I’m pretty sure I do too – no matter how liberated I consider myself to be.

Here’s how I see it.

? Love knows no time and space. It does not consider the fact that you met five minutes or 14 years ago. It doesn’t care if you’re going to spend your life together on this planet or not. Love doesn’t mind that you have a loved one in your heart, as it can hold space for someone new too. Love for the existing partner does not disappear when a new love enters the stage.

? Love is innocent. Simple. While being complex, challenging, messy.

? Love is our teacher. A lover is the reflection of the love we have within us. Our heart expands through love. We grow through love. We are. In love.

? Infinite. Love is infinite. The most powerful frequency in this universe. It is not linear. Love doesn’t know where the finish line is so you can start a new race. It transcends all of that.

? Love is all over. Everywhere. And ready to give and receive if you allow it to be.

Yes, we experience fear. Scarcity. Triggers. Anger. Not being enough. The mess, the complexity. It’s all there. I feel that too. I long for safety. Connection. Depth. Presence. Equality. Holding each other’s hearts with reverence.

? And with that, I first and foremost love myself, keep myself safe instead of expecting another to do so, while expressing my boundaries and truth in every love I encounter. I know that all that presence and depth can be there and doesn’t have to be exclusive.

When have we stopped to see love for what it is and started to limit its potential?

??I will say this… I will keep navigating the realm of love my way. I no longer need people’s understanding. Nor their approval. I know my heart. I know my soul. I live fully because I love fully.

I love you all. ❤️