This is why personal branding is a personal leadership skill

unsplash-logoMarkus Spiske

I believe that we have the capacity to live life on our own terms. Especially in this Western society, we are incredibly free to live abundantly.

And yet I see so many people who are either stuck in shitty jobs, who have a business that’s not doing them justice because they’re doing what everyone else is doing, or they are friggin’ scared of saying they’re an expert at something, while they believe they’re not there yet.

I get it. Applying for a position that’s more than you’ve done before, brings you into unknown territory which will always feel uncomfortable. Positioning yourself as the go-to person in your field on LinkedIn, using powerful phrases, challenges your belief about yourself. Or simply becoming highly exposed, because you’re the face of the business, puts you in such a vulnerable position, that you will undoubtedly doubt whether people might judge or reject you.

Yay, you’re human!

But the question is: would you be happy to stay where you are?

Personal branding is often thought of as a skill you need in your business life. Like branding is about companies creating a level of recognition for their target audience through sharing beliefs, visual imagery and tangible products that set the brand apart from others, Personal Branding aims to do the same.


The difference is…

With personal branding it feels exactly that: personal.

It’s about YOU now. It’s YOU who needs to be recognized by others. Who needs to become so clear in what you stand for, that you voice is unapologetically. It’s you who needs to become the vessel that serves.

This will unravel a shitload of negative self-talk – no matter how successful you already are.

Many people stay where they are because of that. They don’t want to face the potential risk of becoming exposed. What would people say or think when they see how I boast about myself on LinkedIn? I can’t do that! Who would believe me when I apply for that position? Who would take me seriously when I start my own business?


The truth is, we all have that shitty talk. It’s simply called FEAR, that primary response to new situations that is there to protect us.

The answer does not lie in simply believing in yourself (although it does help), but in having the courage to try something, regardless of feeling confident.

And this, my lovely, is personal leadership.

Personal branding is about more than your business life; it’s about your own Personal Brilliance. 

Make no mistake: personal branding requires you to step up your game and put yourself out there. You will be exposed, you will be rejected and you will be judged. But not by those who matter… Those who matter are the ones that are like you, the ones you feel connected to. Getting a ‘no’ doesn’t mean you’re not good enough, it simply means there’s not a good match. This will make room for the one who’s a definite YES.

“Success is the ability to go from one failure to another without loss of enthusiasm.” – Winston Churchill.

I’d like to add to that that there’s no failure. Only feedback, learning, healing, growth.

Step up your game. Your Personal Brand is your opportunity to overcome self-sabotage…

Much Love,