Funny, when the personal branding coach goes on a personal branding journey herself. She gets just as challenged to overcome her own fears, imposter syndrome, hesitations and limiting beliefs as anyone else. The ‘she’ is ‘me’.

This time, I was the one being challenged. And Anne Hunsicker of All Lines are Beautiful was my challenger. The one who guided me, questioned me whenever she thought I needed to go deeper, and then translated my message into visual beauty, giving my personal brand and its message a personalized face.

And fuckkkk…. I’m proud of the result and how this woman was able to feel into what I wanted to communicate, diving deep into our process, genuinely wanting the best result. This is not merely a logo and visual artwork… this is pure magic.


Earlier this year I went through a similar process when I deepened the branding for my business and launched the new website – yes, this too was a personal challenge, because I too start to entangle my business with myself.

But my business (Be a Brand Rebel) is not all of me; it’s just one of the ways in which I express myself. There’s more to me than helping entrepreneurs and businesses with their (personal) brands; I want to support people to become their own PowerHouse. And well… my old visual identity for my personal brand ‘Michelle Coops’ definitely needed redoing.

I realized that I have a message that’s bigger. My friends on Facebook have been getting a taste of it for a long time already. It’s a message that goes beyond personal branding (which is, unfortunately, often only related to our professional lives (yes, I am of a different opinion)).


My message is about EXPRESSION, which is always an inside job – pushing out what’s within you.

  • It’s about liberating yourself from the invisible shackles that keep you from expressing yourself authentically and unapologetically in work, life and even love.
  • About opening yourself up to living and loving on your own terms, always coming from a place of love and vulnerability.
  • About being a Leader of your Life by being raw, real and rebelicious.
  • About becoming your own PowerHouse.


In short: it’s about personal leadership.

I believe our sexuality plays a big role in how free we feel to express ALL of our being REBELICIOUSLY – meaning, being autonomous with a yummie twist – and how we Lead ourselves.


This logo and the artwork show this: what you see is an abstract representation of labia, opening up to and endless mystery of possibilities. You may also see the polarity of yin and yang energy. Maybe you even see how both parts of the logo are asymmetrical, because there’s no such thing as the ultimate balance or perfection.

Maybe you see something else in it. That’s up to you.

  • Am I ready to get out there and expand myself beyond what I’ve done so far?
  • Am I ready to take a stand for my beliefs, and include sexuality in my message?
  • Am I ready to guide people to take charge of their lives and talk about becoming more free?
  • Am I ready to show you this brilliant art work, when my website isn’t even done and I don’t have time to get that show started?!

Fuck. No.

And I’m still doing it anyway, because for me, being courageous is in my DNA.

Because what I DO know is that I’m a fucking good personal leadership coach.

  • What I know, is that I’m highly intuitive and always get brilliant results.
  • What I know is that I have invested tons in training and coaching, which equips me with a broad spectrum of methods that allows me to be a guide to individuals on many levels.
  • What I know is that I live my message myself, and I will always be raw and real with my clients.
  • What I know is that I THINK I’m not ready, but I’ve actually been doing this work for a long time and I know better by now than to underestimate myself.

Anne and me working on this art, was like owning this part of me, and stepping into my future best self.


Personal branding is a never-ending trip. It’s not about a layer, a logo or visible ‘brand’ on the outside; we embody our own brand in how we show up. All the fucking time. And because we’re always changing within, our personal brand will evolve alongside our inner journey. The more conscious we engage in this, the more it resembles personal leadership.


I invite Leaders who are ready to go on an inner journey with me to connect with me if you feel a call to work together.

If you feel that you need guidance with overcoming blockages and stepping into your Personal Leadership… I’d love to walk by your side.

If you would like to feel more free to express new parts of you, hell yes… I’ll be there cheering and challenging you.


Contact me for details or book a free session here!

Much love,