The Most Underestimated Leadership Skill: Humility

One of the most underestimated leadership skills, if you ask me, is humility.

👉🏼 Humility – modesty – is knowing that within all your wisdom, you’re still a student at the same time. A good leader never puts themselves higher or lower. Modesty is a beautiful trait – especially when it’s accompanied by confidence. 

We can apply this modesty in every part of our lives. 

No matter how opinionated you are, no matter how strong your vision is, you can still choose to stay humble and learn from new perspectives. 

It may be your mother, your child, your partner, your colleague, your mentor, maybe even somebody you initially don’t like… there still might be some value in their perspective. 

🔸How can you open up to their view?

🔸How can you get out of your own way and welcome the lesson? 

🔸How can you stop defending your own opinion and actually see if there is some truth in their words?

Humility asks for an attitude of curiosity to something different. 🙌🏼

If you truly want to Lead… yourself or others… be humble enough to see the world in a new way.

Trust me, it makes life so much richer. And it makes you as a person so much more safe for others to connect with. 

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Much love,

Michelle 🧡