About Michelle

Be a Brand Rebel was founded by our Rebelicious Word Wizard Michelle Coops (1982), international speaker and award-winning entrepreneur. For years she supported brands in lifestyle and business in building their success, using the power of words to create more visibility for the brand’s essence.

“I loved it, my work. But slowly I started to crash spending too much time on work. And so did my passion for my work. It was a train wreck waiting to happen.


What to do? I enjoyed being an entrepreneur, but I could only do so much in 24 hours. How could she keep doing what she did best, without having to reinvent the wheel every time?

“Hey Mich, wanna come to the Public Speaking University?” my mentor whispered.
“This is your next step.”

With her heart beating as if in full-blown rave mode, she flew to London for a four-day training. Not realizing that the next day she would be completely immersed in a year program that would forever transform her entrepreneurship.


I had to change something. So I went. I decided to learn from the best and develop the skills I needed to support entrepreneurs on a larger scale. All to help them uplevel their business into a Brand.


With Be a Brand Rebel I aim to inspire and push professionals to find their own-ness and build a brand around their business. A brand with a solid story. Discerning, 100% congruent and consistently visible. There are so many people doing what you do, but there’s only one YOU who can do it YOUR WAY. Rebelicious!”


“Words aren’t only words on paper. They give a sense of direction, make you think, they provide insights. Words are an essential part of the process when defining your brand.”

“Your brand is a personality, baby!!!”