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Can say more than a 1000 words, you’re not using the right words.

One it comes down to your brand, you cannot simply rely on people understanding your pictures just by seeing them. Any person seeing your images will create their own story around it.

That’s risky business. It might not be the story you wish to tell.

A pretty Instagram feed won’t help you win the race if you only use a random, empty phrase in the caption (unless you’re a Kardashian).
The perfectly styled image of your product means nothing if you’re selling only that and nothing more (people will run away as soon as they can get a cheaper version).

Start sharing YOUR message. YOUR truth.

Use words that unambiguously share what you believe in.
Use words that express your personality.
Share the not so pretty parts of your story too – the darkness, the struggles, the real sh*t.

AND… optimise the visual part, without seeking perfection. Perfect is boring.

Good luck. BYE!