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Know what’s really fascinating? As human beings we constantly identify ourselves. With others, labels, stories, brands…

To build a brand you need to identify that brand. It needs to get its own vision, mission, values, behavior, beliefs….everything that builds an identity.

But here lies the beautiful challenge for entrepreneurs: if you, as a human, keep identifying with your own beliefs, values and stories, there’s a chance you may sabotage the business, its identity and its potential as well.

It’s all because you’re so super close to that business: it feels like it’s a part of you.

Yes: it’s all created by you, but you are not the business. The verb ‘are’ implies huge identification with it, so that every failure or struggle might feel like a personal one, slowing you down on your journey.

And so… to be able to create a brand identity that does justice to its potential, more importantly to all those people you could help, you need to first de-identify.

1: Stop saying you ARE the brand, replace it with ‘I have a brand and I represent it to my fullest’
2: Write down your business’s core values and why you believe those values are important. Then, review them. Are they yours or somebody else’s that you’ve taken on? Only keep the ones YOU believe to be important.
3: Ask yourself: am I making choices based on myself, my beliefs, my longings… or based on what I could potentially become in order to serve my clients even better?

A strong brand starts with an entrepreneur who’s willing to stop identifying himself with the brand, and allows it to shine on its own. Who’s courageous enough to admit his role in business can make or break its success. An entrepreneur who invests in himself and the brand – in time, money and effort. Who can become truthful, vulnerable, raw and open.

Let’s peel away the BS, guys, and make true magic!

Much Love,