Isn’t it interesting how some people make you feel larger than life, while others such that life right outta ya?

It’s all about energy.

So how does that relate to your brand?

Let me explain.

First of all, you NEVER wanna be a drain to your clients. They’d run away immediately. Second of all, you don’t wanna work with people that drain you, which is exactly why you need to understand that you can choose who accept as a client and who not.

But what I really want to emphasize here, is that energy creates an experience. Brands are all about experience, rather than a physical or tangible ‘thing’. The type of energy you radiate, should create the experience that fits your brand.

Let’s dive into this.

Brands can make a difference

Remember why you started your business in the first place? Why you didn’t settle for a dull job anymore and decided to go your own way?

Exactly. You want to help people and you believe your way is better. #celebrateyourinnerwiseass

You want to make a difference.

Brands make a difference. How? By serving clients. This is exactly why you, as a business owner, are a brand already.

You’re helping people by taking them from a place of ‘need’ or struggle (without your solution) to a place where they can enjoy a better life, work life, relationship, parenthood, health, you name it.

You’re creating a shift, a new perspective, making life easier: there’s difference between the old and the new (and if not, you haven’t done your job well or they’re assholes who don’t implement ;-)).

Branding is about an emotional experience

In short: you’re creating some kind of move from here to there. But… how can potential clients know that ‘difference’ before they’ve started working with you?

The answer is: you gotta create an emotional experience beforehand. In your positioning, marketing, on social media, you need to emotionally move people. By sharing stories, by inspiring with ground-breaking ideas, by interrupting their thought patterns, by being brutally honest and showing your imperfect side.

Brands do this even more than ‘mere businesses’: brands create an emotional experience that will make their clients want to stay part of their journey. Brands create customer loyalty; they turn fans into clients and clients into friends.

Why is this so important? 

95% of all decisions we make as human beings are based on emotions.

Make no mistake; even the most ‘logical’ person still makes decisions in a split second, because the unconscious brain is a lot better and quicker than the newest part of our brain and it has to be to keep us alive. As humans we merely justify our decisions based on logic afterwards and frame it as a ‘solid decision’.

Emotions are energy in motion: e-motion. Motion is movement. We’re literally moving energy when we trigger an emotional experience.

The question is…

What kind of energy would serve your clients best? And how can you use this to create a well-balanced brand personality? More importantly… how can you remain authentic while challenging yourself to show up for your clients in the best way possible?

Before I answer these questions, here’s what NOT to do: Don’t start with creating a visual identity; that’s what you do after you’ve defined the brand and its personality. You cannot start choosing colors, images or a webdesign if you don’t know who you are and what energy you want to radiate.

So what should you do instead?

Let me take you through the X most important steps:

  1. Know your brand
    You need to know your brand. You need to spend time on defining its identity. What’s the dream? What are your beliefs? Please allow your brand to have its own identity, so employees can represent it well too.
  2. Know your audience
    Decide who you want to work with first, then dive deep into who they are. You need to know your client inside out. Not just generic traits, but really know what makes them tick. What are they struggling with? What insecurities might they have? What stops them now? What do they long for?
  3. Decide to become your best version of you
    Just as the brand has its own identity, it needs its own personality. Take a step back and imagine your brand is a person. An individual. Who would he be? How would he behave? What energy would he or she have?

Playful and fun? Active and encouraging? Calm and wise? Trustworthy and authoritative? Autonomous maybe even rebellious? Funny?

What energy would work for your clients?

If you’ve chosen your audience well, you know what they need.

And you need to make sure everything radiates this energy: you, your staff, your behavior, the colors you choose, your office interior, your social media, your words, your voice, your in-store tools, your imagery… everything.

You need to decide to show up like that. Even if you feel like you’re not ready or ‘it’s not you’ (for fuck’s sake… says who?! Don’t listen to your own bullshit).

 Clients might need you to be certain and safe, even when you don’t feel like you’ve deserved the right to take your place yet.

 They might need you to encourage and propel them, even when you feel low.

 They might need you to be their light of wisdom, even if you think you don’t know it all.

Know this: everything you need is inside of you. It may not have come out yet, but it’s there. You can choose to develop new traits to serve others and grow beyond your wildest dreams.

Your personality is this: your personal reality (as explained by Dr Joe Dispenza). This reality is not the truth. And that’s why you can alter it to really become who you’re supposed to be. This is how branding can challenge you to grow as a human being too. This is why having a business is never about the business, but about developing yourself.

By allowing your brand to have its own personality – which is always authentic as YOU’RE the one making all the decisions for it – you will allow yourself to really grow, and it will similarly allow staff to grow as well.

Everyone will represent the brand in their own way, while tapping into their true potential.

You might just discover that there’s a performer, artist, speaker, …. Inside of you!

Much love,