The horror of content marketing… and how you can turn it into romance.

If you want to make impact, you gotta be known. Seen. Recognized. Out there.  

Makes sense, right?  

It’s no secret that branding inherently includes visibility. Not only because you’re discerning yourself from the crowd, but also because you’re actually putting your brand out there. Through marketing, advertising, networking, speaking, you name it.  

Let’s zoom into one of these. And yes, it’s a must-do for any business: marketing. Content marketing is by far one of the most powerful ways to increase visibility. I’m pretty sure that’s no secret to you either. 

So why then… why do so many entrepreneurs leave this opportunity behind? As in: why don’t they get out there using tools that support them in building a reputation  

Here’s what I hear a LOT (… and you might recognize this).   

  • There’s content available everywhere. It’s increasingly difficult to stand out. Why would I even try to build an audience?!” 
  • Creating content is soooo time-consuming. I got a friggin’ business to run!
  • “I have no clue what to share. Or how to share it. Creating content is difficult.” 
  • “My clients simply want my products, that’s it. They’re not interested in the message.” 
  • “I’m not ready yet. I first need to …………. “
  • “I don’t know how to build a strategy around it. It’s difficult…” 

Ever used one of these phrases? No worries: even as a former copywriter and currently being a branding expert understanding the importance of content, I still hear that tiny voice sometimes.   

These objections only become a problem when they actually stop us from creating content. When we get so discouraged that we simply don’t do it, involuntarily sending our potential clients the message that we’re inconsistent and unreliable.  

More importantly: if we don’t show ourselves, we’re simply not seen. Not seen is not known. The ones who are known (competitors) might take over at some point and walk away with business that could’ve been yours. That’s your bread, honey. Your opportunity to make a difference.  


The real problem lies in the fact that many entrepreneurs, you might be one of them, overcomplicate content creation. They overcomplicate the process by creating bits of content every day (oh shit, I need to post on Instagram!) and they have unrealistic expectations (I need to reach millions!). 

If we’d all let go of the need to reach millions, and simply start small, we’d feel a lot less pressure to perform  

So here’s a few tips for ya that might help you shift your mindset around branding your business through content marketing:  

  1. Focus only on attracting the type of people you actually want to work with and unapologetically create branded content that shows your personality. Fuck what’s ‘appropriate’ or what’s ‘custom’ in your industry. By becoming invisible to most, you become visible to the happy few.
  2. If numbers throw your off… forget about them for a bit. Just friggin’ share your beliefs, values, knowledge. Inspire and show that your brand is not in the game for money, but to change lives. Don’t let fickle algorithms throw you off and discourage you.
  3. Block time. Do NOT create content daily; it’s too random and time-consuming. Pick a day a week or a month, create all content that day and schedule it in a scheduling tool. Saves loads of time and frustration. Mind you… you don’t need to create new stuff for each platform. You can use and re-use the same content.
  4. Content creation is not about social media; that’s only a tiny element of it. You need a strategy to get people into your circle. Get help from a marketer and brainstorm about how you could leverage your visibility through technology. Think: using your website better, creating free stuff, clever funnels, apps.
  5. Stop trying to create perfect content. It doesn’t even exist. Your brand is not just a pretty picture of perfection; it’s got a solid message to share that can be reinforced through imperfection. YES, flaws make you human and relatable. That’s more powerful.
  6. Use tools such as Canva if you don’t know how to design visual content. Lumen5 helps you with videos. Designrr with ebooks.
  7. Forget about flawless copy; focus on sharing value and inspiring people through stories and struggles. Get better as you go along or ask eloquent people around you to edit your copy. 
  8. Invest. Time, money and resources. It will leverage the impact of your content. Invest in advertising or boosting content. You can’t expect to win the race as a freeloader. Successful brands put their money where their mouth is (and visa versa).  

Stop overcomplicating this. You HAVE a message. You don’t need to fix the world, so start small and stick to your plan. Consistency creates trust and will grow your audience. Not just any audience, mind you… only the ones you’d like to work with. That makes the bizz a lot of fun, trust me!! 


Hope this helps. 

Much love,