Certainty 5 ways

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5 ways to position your brand with more certainty!

I’ve learned one thing when it comes to positioning:

No matter how you decide to position your brand – as the authority with 20+ years expertise, as the rebelicious and audacious (like my brand), as the sensitive and calm wise one… – you always want to convey this with certainty.

That’s right: certainty is the word. How can you increase your level of certainty, so you can be more successful in your brand?

I have 5 strategies for ya!

1: ALLOW UNCERTAINTY: don’t think you need to be certain at all times. Sometimes the action of certainty precedes the feeling.

2: MANAGE YOUR STATE: don’t depend on your mood; influence it. Leaders take charge.

3: LET YOUR BODY SPEAK: your hand gestures can increase certainty… you will feel it yourself!

4: SPEAK YOUR TRUTH: make bold statements, be frank. Don’t beat around the bush!

5: FOCUS ON THEM: focus on customers relentlessly. It’s not about you.

Your brand is bigger than you and through growing your brand, you can grow as a person. Entrepreneurship is leadership is personal growth. Yes. Embrace it!

Hope that inspires.

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