Lay down the foundation, then build


Here’s what I hear all the time: “I can’t really find the right words.” “I’m selling myself short or not selling anything at all.” “I got something really good going on, but I am not getting enough paying clients in.”

Maybe you know what they’re talking about. You want to do your website, you want to write posts, create a lead magnet, do sales, and you’re stuck. Behind the laptop with no words flowing onto the virtual paper, or not knowing what to do next to increases sales, maybe trying to launch a new website with a new look, but secretly not having a plan.

Here’s what you want to be aware of:

– Your lack of clarity will become apparent to your audience
– Lack of clarity will ensure confusion and confused people don’t buy
– By trying to execute a non-existent plan, you will always fail
– Without understanding your brand thoroughly, you will never be able to represent it or communicate about it or make any sales
– If you don’t really know the customer, how can you add real value that lasts?

The reason for your struggle is most likely the same as anybody’s:

You’re trying to bake a cake, but you don’t have the ingredients and you don’t have a recipe.

What you lack, is the foundation of your brand. You lack clarity on the brand’s identity, the customer’s identity, the brand’s personality and the message.

There’s one key tool you need to start using: words. To decide on all elements that make up your brand’s identity, any business will use words. You put it the outcome into words. The vision, mission, core values, the way you behave, your beliefs… you define it all in words.

If you’ve never taken the time to do this, no wonder you can’t find the words when you start DOING your marketing. Like writing copy for social, website, ebooks or whatever tools you use. And chances are, you won’t find a professional who’s good enough to pull the right words out of ya AND convey them to the audience in a way that works (most so-called copywriters know the tricks, but lack the soul).

Remember this: any ambitious brand decides to go back to the drawing table at some point. The only way to grow and consolidate, is to define your brand.

You cannot start with the website, the colors, the logo, the copy, or doing sales ads. That’s all execution. You need a plan first.

1: Define the brand’s identity: the vision, mission, core values and behaviors, core beliefs and create statements about your philosophy
2: Define the customer’s identity: not just generic traits, but their deepest struggles, pains, wants and needs. Really understand them!
3: Decide how you show up: express your brand’s personality through colors, design, shapes, photography and – obviously – LANGUAGE.
4: Build the story: create a basis for your brand’s story that you can always rely on when you need it.
5: Then…. DO IT. Do your marketing, your ads, ebooks.

Stop trying to start at step 3. Go back to the beginning and start WELL. This is the only way to align the identity with the marketing. The only way to really make sure ‘it fits’ and ‘makes sense’.

Good luck!