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Just recently I was chatting to another entrepreneur, and we both felt a little cynical around the one-sided quick win messages out there. “Follow my system and you’ll triple your income in only 6 weeks!!”


It’s basically what old crash diets used to promise. Lose 10 pounds in one week and get the perfect beach body!

Here’s my thought on these data-driven messages: they’re too one-sided, too focused on quick wins and they lack purpose.

Yet… what works, is that these messages appeal to our need to understand the measurable value of a solution: we need a number to validate our decision (a decision we’ve made unconsciously already, but we need a justification).

If you’re working with people and if you’re getting them lasting results, you may not initially have any short-term measurable number to help them decide on the value. For sure, clients will get results further along in the journey, but that may take a long time.

How can you solve that?

I’d to 3 things:

– Find a way to make your results measurable and incorporate the in your message. How? By asking them to rate their CURRENT emotional energy / relationship with partner / body confidence / … on a scale of 1 to 10. Ask them the same question 6 weeks later. The difference is the result.

– Remember to wrap it up in a way that appeals to what they think they need. Once they open the gift, they get what they truly need. People don’t know what they really need… and they won’t get it until you present it to them. Take a detour with them to get them into your tribe; they need you.

– Always embed the emotional benefits of your solution too and link it to your unique philosophy. It might be less measurable, but the message will get a deeper layer because of it. That’s how you set yourself apart and how you can actually connect with the right kind of people.

Good luck, hope that helps!!

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