Online Workshop, will you be there?

‘Make a Meaningful Mark’

…leave an imprint on this world

When? 24 February
Time? 2
– 4 pm cet (Amsterdam / Berlin)
Where? Online
Investment? Zip, nada, niente

What would it be like if you look back at your life – you know, when you’re old, beautifully wrinkled – and you realize you’ve been holding back, playing small? That you haven’t really given the world a taste of your unique flavors? How would that feel? Sh*t, right? So why do we hold ourselves back? Why do we adjust to the status quo?

Listen, love… it’s not about conquering the whole world with your amazing personality (which you have, no joke). It’s about moving people in your own way, being who you’re meant to be. Waking them up. Serving them. It’s about knowing you’re living your purpose, regardless of how big your imprint will be. It’s about taking a stand for what you believe in, so your message and actions will leave a meaningful mark.

Be your Best

In this workshop – learning and lots of doing included – you’ll discover how to put yourself in the best STATE possible to make that mark, so those annoying voices won’t sabotage you as much anymore. And not just that; you’ll learn how to craft a powerful, heartfelt message that the world needs to hear (and how you can reframe the criticism when people disagree!).

A Fun and Fabulous Blend

The workshop is, as always, a lovely blend of activities: a visualization, movement, hands-on exercises. And yes, teachings too. It will be practical and experiential, so you can contribute to your world on your terms.

Looking forward to serving you!

Making a Mark is not about getting millions of followers or becoming the biggest, boldest or best out there. It’s about realizing how you can use your talents to move YOUR world and the people in it.

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Why this workshop?

  • Because you don’t have to keep listening to that belittling voice of self-sabotage.
  • Because you CAN set yourself up for meaningful success.
  • Because it’s not about the quantity, but Quality of your Mark.
  • Because it’s not 2 hours of listening only, but doing actively.
  • Because who you think you are might not be who you can be…
  • … and because the tools you receive will have a positive effect on every part of your life.
“Who carries you through everything in life? Business, career, client meetings, friggin’ dates? YOU! The way you carry yourself impacts everything. Start with YOU. You’re the foundation. Let’s build on that.”

– Michelle Coops

Your host: Michelle Rebelle Coops

She’s an international – and mostly ‘Rebelicious’ – entrepreneur, won several awards as a speaker, provokes many with her vision on life and love, and introduced the world to love-based personal branding. 

Michelle Coops, one of the top Personal Branding & Personal Leadership coaches in The Netherlands, guides and mentors high-achieving professionals and entrepreneurs to liberate themselves from the invisible shackles that keep them from expressing themselves authentically and unapologetically – in work, life and even love.

Through expert coaching and questioning, she challenges Leaders to merge head with heart, allowing all of their humanness to become part of the way they show up – for themselves, as well as others.

Impacting people on a global scale, Michelle travels the world, speaking on international stages, inspiring her audience to connect with their inner Brand Rebel, whilst finding the words to voice their message congruently and confidently.

Why I do what I do

“There are 3 themes that have always fascinated me: autonomy, expression and… love. I realized at some point that my heart wants them all to be equally represented in all of my life, business and personal. I believe that love is the most powerful force that can uplift us all. And if we find the courage to live life from the heart (love), on our own terms (autonomy), according to our own truth (expression), we can make a difference. We can positively influence people around us.

Let’s all do our part from the heart. Start with YOU.”