English Online Workshop. Be there!

“More than a Pretty Face”

…Embody Your Personal Brand on Your Own Terms

When? 27  November
Time? 2 – 4 pm (cet)
Where? Online!
Costs? Zip. My gift to you. 

Who said your eyes don’t pop enough without any makeup?
Or that you shouldn’t be so eccentric, because ‘you take up too much space’?
Who told you it’s important to hide that creamy belly behind layers of clothes?
Who made you believe that gray hair should be covered up because – god forbid – you look old(er)?
Who says nobody want to see ‘that face’ of yours in your social media feed?
Ever questioned who came up with high heels, because our legs aren’t long and our asses not perky enough?
And when did you start believing you first need to lose (or gain) weight before you…?

Gorgeous goddess! The perfect look for Instagram, your website or other platforms is NOT what you need. You’re the walking talking proof of your message. The embodiment of your story. How amazing is this?! The question is… how connected are you to that message? Are you integrating your message in how you show up? Online, at a networking event, wherever.

Pretty Face

My point is: you’re more than a pretty face. You’ve got something to say as well. And no, this doesn’t mean we all need to throw out our stash of makeup or dye our hair pink. What matters is that you make conscious choices that fit who you are and support your story, so your appearance matches your message.

Consciously, on your terms

In this fun and invigorating Personal Branding workshop you’ll discover how you can position yourself according to your terms, your rules. Not because you mindlessly do what you’ve always done and neither because you think you need to do something.

I challenge you to investigate and question your current beliefs so you can make more conscious choices regarding how you present yourself, while doing this in a way that matches your message.

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What can you expect?

We’re gonna move. Feel. Question. Answer. And… connect with our message. We’re gonna get practical – online – by combining different ways of working. Our intention? To discover how we do not simply build a Personal Brand as a persona, but embody it.

Your Own Rules

My super power? Challenging the status quo and breaking through rules. If you’re not open to get a fully new perspective on personal branding… don’t come, you might get disappointed. Are you ready to become more rebelicious? (That is: autonomous with a yummy twist), I’d love to see you there!

Why this workshop?

  • Because it starts on the inside, with you, from the heart.
  • Because love is the best marketing strategy there is.
  • Because life and work is much more fun when you do things in a way that makes you feel good.
  • Because it’s not 2 hours of listening only, but doing actively.
  • Because it’s time to let go of expectations and create your own terms. 
  • … and because the techniques will have a positive effect on every part of your life.
“Who carries you through everything in life? Business, career, client meetings, friggin’ dates? YOU! The way you carry yourself impacts everything. Start with YOU. You’re the foundation. Let’s build on that.”

– Michelle Coops

Your host: Michelle Rebelle Coops

She’s an international – and mostly ‘Rebelicious’ – entrepreneur, won several awards as a speaker, provokes many with her vision on life and love, and introduced the world to love-based personal branding. 

Michelle Coops, one of the top Personal Branding & Personal Leadership coaches in The Netherlands, guides and mentors high-achieving professionals and entrepreneurs to liberate themselves from the invisible shackles that keep them from expressing themselves authentically and unapologetically – in work, life and even love.

Through expert coaching and questioning, she challenges Leaders to merge head with heart, allowing all of their humanness to become part of the way they show up – for themselves, as well as others.

Impacting people on a global scale, Michelle travels the world, speaking on international stages, inspiring her audience to connect with their inner Brand Rebel, whilst finding the words to voice their message congruently and confidently.

Why I do what I do

“There are 3 themes that have always fascinated me: autonomy, expression and… love. I realized at some point that my heart wants them all to be equally represented in all of my life, business and personal. I believe that love is the most powerful force that can uplift us all. And if we find the courage to live life from the heart (love), on our own terms (autonomy), according to our own truth (expression), we can make a difference. We can positively influence people around us.

Let’s all do our part from the heart. Start with YOU.”