Make a M.A.R.K. – How to be unapologetically remarkable.

How can you make a mark?

How can you become unapologetically remarkable by establishing your personal brand?

Hit a plateau? Realize that to get to the next level – in your business or career – you need to do something different? Afraid of putting yourself out there and looking for a little more self-confidence?

And… do you want to get started now?

This might be stopping you now:

  • You might feel insecure about becoming visible and sharing what you stand for

  • You’re self-sabotaging your success by listening to Bullshit Stories

  • You feel disconnected from what you do

  • You might struggle with the fact that your work-you and private-you are two completely different people

  • You don’t know how to position yourself intriguingly

  • You know your brilliance, but you don’t show it or put it to action

Here’s the good news:
you can do something about this.

In Make your M.A.R.K. you’ll go through 4 simple steps to stop the self-sabotaging and
transform that into a clarity on how to make a mark in a way that feels right.

This is what’s included in this free training:

  • 4 simple steps to make your M.A.R.K.

  • 6 short inspiring instruction videos to support you

  • A free workbook to help you along the way

You’ll receive the videos and some words of encouragement every other day by email.

“Nobody ever made a mark by being flawless.
Standing out means being exposed and super vulnerable to ridicule, rejection and judgement.
Know this: you don’t have to be liked by everyone.
Just the happy few ☺.”

Get to know your trainer: Michelle Coops

Conscious, international entrepreneur, award-winning speaker and thought-leader on love-based personal branding.

“There’s only one way: Jesus’ way. He’s the way, the truth and the life.” Words spoken to a 16-year-old girl who just courageously defied her mother and the church’s pastor by speaking up for her desire to live a life on her own terms – not theirs. Eight months later she listened to her mother’s voice, uttering: “I love you so much, you’re my daughter, but I love God more. And I need to know I’m living by his truth. If you decide to live in sin, you can’t stay here.”

Michelle, like many others, has gotten her share of rejection, judgement and unsafety in life. And yes, for years the fear of getting another share stopped her from really following her soul’s purpose. But at the same time, it was in her DNA to love, to be expressive, to be autonomous. She couldn’t conform and deny herself for long. There was always a yearning to follow her own path, express herself and love freely.

As a personal branding trainer and coach, she supports entrepreneurs and professionals to unveil their truth. To really make their mark, walk their own path on their own terms. As a former, highly successful copywriter, she assists them in finding their story and message and confidently share it from the heart. Are you next?

“We can sit back and watch others thrive, or we can take the lead in our lives and make a mark. No matter how small that mark is, it’s always valuable. You do your part, I do mine…
if we do it from the heart, we all win.”

P.S: Would you like to give me some feedback or just simply happy with the book? I would love to hear from you!

Drop me a line at: info@beabrandrebel.com