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Get on board of our Leader Ship and learn about how to Confidently show up and voice your message in a way that does justice to YOU and others.

True Leaders step into Sovereignty and build a Personal Brand: Join us!

This inspiring, hands-on Leader-Ship is a risk-free and low-cost learning opportunity for solopreneurs & professionals who want to feel more confident and make a Meaningful Mark (yes, capital M). They understand that THEY are the foundation of their success and that working on themselves is where it begins. Join now and get access to the content – it’s directly available in our app and on desktop!

Is this stopping you?
Any idea how brilliant you are? Yes, you are. But maybe you don’t always feel that. You might be playing small, doubting yourself or clinging to other people’s approval too much. You might even be sick of that yourself. Or maybe you simply don’t know how to put yourself out there confidently and congruently. Either way, something is stopping you. The shadows keep you away from stepping into the light.

Consciously Commit
As long as you don’t take the right steps to consciously work on your inner and outer leadership skills, chances are you’ll stay stuck in the same place you are now. The risk is that you’ll also get the same results you’ve always gotten. Waste of time, really. You deserve to have a thriving life, business or love life, in which you can brilliantly serve the people you resonate with. Consciously commit now, we’re here for ya.

Become a voyager and work n your Personal Leadership on your own pace – for only €147 for the entire year (ex vat)

* One-off payment, no strings attached

Here’s what’s included

  • ‘Stepping into your own Center’ – a 4-week course on developing more sovereignty 
  • ‘Lead from the Heart’ –  4-week course on creating a deeper connection and leading from the heart
  • ‘Develop your modern-day Leadership – a 4-week course on personal branding and authentic leadership
  • ‘Look through New Eyes’ – a 4-week course on using the power of novelty to attract attention
  • ‘Become Consciously Visible’ – a 4-week course on increasing visibility without compromising yourself
  • All courses contain videos, exercises, practical tools and meditations – FULL ON value
  • All courses are available immediately and can be taken at your own pace
  • Yummy, ready-to-use musthaves such as templates, infographics, tooling to make your journey easier and save loads of time
  • Access to membership community

And the best part? We’re right by your side, every day, thanks to our own Be a Brand Rebel App. Easy access wherever you are – desktop, tablet, smartphone!

“If we all would be a little more ‘rebelicious’ – meaning, doing things our way with a yummie twist – wouldn’t it be so much easier for other people to see who we are and understand if we’re a match or not?”

Here’s why you wanna get on board

  • You’ll work on yourself and your inner leadership skills to serve the outer world from the heart
  • You’ll get hands-on marketing and business tips to elevate your Personal Brand
  • You can learn at your own pace; you have the entire year to finish the courses
  • You’ll get more aligned with what you really want so you will become more magnetic to others
  • You’ll become a lottttt more confident to become visible to the right crowd
  • You’ll stay connected with the community, which helps you to stay focused
  • You’ll stay updated with the latest insights
  • You’ll be growing and developing yourself constantly
  • You’ll feel soooo much love!!!

And well… it’s a ridiculously low investment to work on YOU. Like…1 dinner at a restaurant with your family. It’s low-risk, and provides exceptional value.

About your trainer

Michelle Coops is an international award-winning speaker and entrepreneur who supports high achieving individuals to confidently step into heart-centered leadership, allowing all one-of-a-kind flavors to be expressed. In her 1:1 journeys, group Intensives and Leader Ship she focuses on 3 key areas: identity (who are you), expression (how will you show up) and message (what will you say).

Having worked with countless international business owners and professionals on how they present themselves, she now lovingly challenges you to overcome self-sabotage and step into sovereignty so you can present yourself more authentically. Her dream is for Leaders and individuals to bring out their ‘rebelicious’ personality and unapologetically speak up for what they believe in.

“I never saw myself as a speaker. Or a trainer for that matter. I simply identified with the label ‘writer’ for a long time. I felt safe behind my laptop, hiding from the spotlight, writing countless stories for high-end clients in business. I was their voice; and I knew exactly how to get support them into claiming their leadership. I just never let MY voice as a leader be heard.

I know better now. And I invite you to read my full story here

Much Love,
Michelle 🧡

“When we speak and act from the heart instead of only the mind, we radiate a completely different energy. Sounds woowoo maybe, but everyone knows this: the glow, the spark in your eyes, the genuine desire to get the job done.
Love-based personal branding is about this: making sure you radiate passion, fire, light, zest for life… all topped with your flavor!”

– Michelle Coops

Become a voyager and transform that self-sabotage into personal power

for only €147/year (ex vat)

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