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Attend one of our events and discover how to really establish your Personal Brand, so you can get the results you desire.

Live Personal Branding events

So… ready to learn about how to build your personal brand? Great. But know this: we specifically only want to work with people who feel that they really want to add value to this world. People who work from the heart.

People who still feel insecure sometimes. Conscious individuals who might still have a blind spot to their own self-sabotage (which is completely normal). Humans who are willing to be raw, real, vulnerable.

Recognize this?
Here’s what we have in store for ya…

Personal Branding School

This low-cost, low-risk event is designed for individuals who wish to boost their business or career by building their personal brand. It’s a get-to-know-us event that tickles you to become more real with yourself. It’s the first step towards personal brilliance.

Brand Rebel University

This 3-day training will allow you to deep-dive in yourself, so you can come out and lovingly position yourself with confidence and clarity, and in a congruent way. It’s a group training that will inspire you to start right: with YOU.

About your trainer

Michelle Coops is an international award-winning speaker and entrepreneur, who supports high achieving individuals to create your Personal Brand from the heart, allowing all your flavors to come out. In her membership, group programs and 1-2-1 journeys she focuses on 3 key areas: identity (who are you), expression (how will you show up) and message (what will you say).

Having worked with countless international business owners and professionals on their (personal) brands, she lovingly challenges you to overcome self-sabotage and become your own powerhouse. Her dream is for individuals to bring out their ‘rebelicious’ personality and unapologetically speak up for what they believe in.

“I never saw myself as a speaker. Or a trainer for that matter. I simply identified with the label ‘writer’ for a long time. I felt safe behind my laptop, hiding from the spotlight, writing countless stories for high-end clients in business. I was their voice; and I knew exactly how to get them the right attention from the right clients. I just never let MY voice be heard.

I know better now. And I invite you to read my full story here

Much Love,
Michelle 🧡

“You can do the same thing you’ve always done and just do whatever you’ve been taught. But if that’s not working… isn’t it time to get support?”