Join us for One day of Inspiration and Personal yumminess at…

Personal Branding

Friday 24 April in Amsterdam

Even if you know that you can get the job done. Even when YOU know you’re different. That you can help. Even then, the question remains: Do they know? How can they know?

Ever wondered why some competitors can name a price you can only dream of, even though they’re not that good at what they do? Why somebody gets the job, while you would’ve been able to add so much more value?

Here’s the thing: they understand that it’s not only about being good at what you do. It’s about you. Your personality. About how you position yourself, your message, your behavior. Your personal brand is already a reality. Question is… are you aware of it? And could you positively influence people’s perception of you?

Is it still possible to stand out these days?
So many people are out there, showing themselves (sometimes showing off). Some hardly experienced but confident, some highly experienced but with no idea how to stand out. One hype follows the other. It’s more crowdy and the reach seems to get smaller. You might feel that you’re up against too many. That there’s no way you can win this game anymore. Do you really need to join the screaming competition? The answer is: no. No screaming, no competition. But speaking up; yes!

Why isn’t it enough to be good at what you do?
Doing nothing wouldn’t do you any justice, would it? You can’t hide, simply because others are out there too. Here’s something that will ease your mind: you don’t need to impress the entire world. You don’t need millions. You need the few people that you can connect with, that 1%. They can’t find you if you keep believing that quality speaks for itself. You need to let yourself be heard by establishing your personal brand – only for the happy few.

Personal Branding School is an inspiring event for entrepreneurs and professionals
who choose to work from the heart and make a difference.

You’re the gold that’s waiting to be exposed.
Let’s dig up your brilliance.

Why Personal Branding school?

  • Because in life, everything is about people. You included. Give others the chance to experience your personal flavor!
  • And because Personal Branding really is NOT simply about a LinkedIn profile, website or nice outfit. It’s about diving deep into yourself.
  • Because no matter how aware you are of yourself, you might still have blind spots to parts of you that deserve to be unveiled.
  • Because you don’t have to settle for what’s given to you; you can take the lead in your professional (and personal!) life.
  • Because you’re worth that next step in your business or career – even though you might not believe it entirely (yet!).
  • Because your soul is yearning to show you what it truly wants to do! Will you listen?
  • Because who you think you are might not be who you can be. Let’s detach from old stories…
  • Because the way you express yourself now might not do justice to you, stopping people from recognizing that you’re a great match.
“This is highly valuable because getting Clear on your personal brand helps you to position yourself Congruently and share your message Confidently from the heart. This will help you to Connect with people on a deeper level.”

You don’t wanna miss out on this…

From head to heart
There’s a shift going on: people are done with reason and logic only. They’re yearning for more heart connection. This yearning doesn’t go away when we step over the threshold of our business lives. How will you bring your heart into your business life too?

Don’t underestimate the message
A lot of entrepreneurs and professionals still underestimate the power of the message to establish their personal brand. They don’t know how to craft this message or how to share it. And they fear voicing their truth. Will you overcome this fear?

‘Just’ being yourself: a crappy hype
You don’t have to be liked by everybody; you can choose who you want to surround yourself with in your business, work and life. But ‘just’ being yourself is a trap that robs you from the opportunity to recreate your personal reality. Wil you be you… and then some?

What does this mean for you
as an entrepreneur or professional?

You’ve got an opportunity here to take the lead in your business or career. You don’t have to wait for others to decide whether working with you is a yes or no. You set the terms by establishing your personal brand.

There’s plenty of people that might be just as good at what you do. The thing is: they’re not you. They never will be. Nor will you be them ;). That’s the beauty of it all! Your personal brand is your personal brilliance.

Ticket price

This 1-day training requires an investment of € 77 to cover the costs of your lunch, other catering, the venue and marketing. This is how you can give our training a try, without the risk of losing a large sum of money.

Why so cheap?!

We can get to know each other without any pressure and find out if we’re a match for the next part of the journey. You’ll get the chance to sign up for Personal Branding School. It won’t be a couple of hundred euros, but it won’t be 10.000 either ;).

EARLY BIRD: Pay € 47 *

THE TWO OF US: Pay € 67 *if you come together

*Valid only until April 5! The prices will be €77 (single ticket) and €125 (two tickets) after this date.

“Who carries you through everything in life? Business, career, client meetings, friggin’ dates? YOU! The way you carry yourself impacts everything. Start with YOU. You’re the foundation. Let’s build on that.”

– Michelle Coops

This training is for you if…

  • You’ve heard about personal branding but have no clue where to start.

  • You don’t know what you truly want with your personal brand and you want to get answers!

  • You’d like to draw in the people (or jobs!) that you resonate with, so you can connect with them.

  • You feel you could use an extra dose self-confidence to get out there.

  • You know deep down there’s more than sheer performance. There’s working from the heart.

  • You’d love to find the courage to ask for what you’re worth (yes, in money).

  • You’re longing for connection in every part of your life – including your business life.

  • You’d love to feel more grounded and centered so you can freely position yourself.

  • You’re ready to lose the word ‘competition’.

This training is NOT for you if…

  • You’re a not serious or committed to getting started with personal branding.

  • You’re looking for a quick fix that will only polish up your LinkedIn profile or website.

  • You're expecting a copywriting or marketing course

  • You’re totally cool with where you are now. Please invest your time in something else.

  • You’re not willing to implement or get real with yourself.

  • You’re not open to invest in yourself – in time, money or effort.

But if you’re excited about taking the first step on a journey through yourself, to become raw, real and rebelicious – autonomous, with a yummie twist – please know that I’m happy to support you with all my heart.

Get to know the host: Michelle Coops

Conscious, international entrepreneur, award-winning speaker and thought-leader on love-based personal branding.

“There’s only one way: Jesus’ way. He’s the way, the truth and the life.” Words spoken to a 16-year-old girl who just courageously defied her mother and the church’s pastor by speaking up for her desire to live a life on her own terms – not theirs. Eight months later she listened to her mother’s voice, uttering: “I love you so much, you’re my daughter, but I love God more. And I need to know I’m living by his truth. If you decide to live in sin, you can’t stay here.”

Michelle, like many others, has gotten her share of rejection, judgement and unsafety in life. And yes, for years the fear of getting another share stopped her from really following her soul’s purpose. But at the same time, it was in her DNA to love, to be expressive, to be autonomous. She couldn’t conform and deny herself for long. There was always a yearning to follow her own path, express herself and love freely.

As a personal branding trainer and coach, she supports entrepreneurs and professionals to unveil their truth. To really walk their own path on their own terms. As a former, highly successful copywriter, she assists them in finding their story and message and confidently share it from the heart. Are you next?

Why I do what I do

“There are 3 themes that have always fascinated me: autonomy, expression and… love. I realized at some point that my heart wants them all to be equally represented in all of my life, business and personal. I believe that love is the most powerful force that can uplift us all. And if we find the courage to live life from the heart (love), on our own terms (autonomy), according to our own truth (expression), we can make a difference. We can positively influence people around us.

Let’s all do our part from the heart. Start with YOU.”