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Personal Branding: Start with YOU

The reality of self-sabotage

Do you know how remarkable you are? Remarkable enough to be recognized for your value by your clients, colleagues or employer? We forget this soooo often. Know what I’m talking about?

When you want to take the next step – apply for a new role in the company, increase prices, update that LinkedIn profile – you might get confronted with either the ‘imposter syndrome’ (“I’m a fraud!”) or simply lack of skills (“I don’t know how!”).

Become your own Powerhouse

Either way: you are a walking, talking Personal Brand already. Question is: are you really showing up in a way that does you justice? Are you speaking up for your beliefs and desires? Are you authentically putting yourself out there and getting what you’re worth?

Let’s discover how you can become your own powerhouse, so you can positively influence people around you. That’s what Personal Branding is about: it’s a personal leadership skill that starts with YOU.

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Tell me… What is Personal Branding?

Personal branding is the conscious skill of putting yourself out there – online and offline – in a way that will positively influence people’s perception of who you are. It’s about being raw, real and rebelicious: truly autonomous, with a yummie, unique twist.

Personal branding means showing yourself, in every way. Unveiling YOU and speaking up for what you believe in, what you desire and what you’re worth. It’s a leadership skill that answers 3 main questions:

1: Identity: Who are you?
2: Expression: How will you express yourself?
3: Truth: What will you say and do to make a difference?

That means that you need to start with YOU. Peel off the layers, to uncover what’s hidden. And then? Then you can make magic on LinkedIn, your website, social, your cv (all of your marketing and positioning for that matter).

What’s with the ‘Love-based’ stuff here?!

Love is a super powerful force. It’s a self-less, unconditional state of being that we’re all familiar with. The love we feel for children, family, friends, a lover… it’s different every time, yet it makes us overflow with gratitude and blissful feelings. 

When we feel love for someone, we light up, eliminating fear, doubt, anger, jealousy. So can you imagine what will happen if you feel this love inside of you all the time, regardless of somebody else giving it to us? When we are connected with that loving feeling throughout the day?

Yes, you guessed it: you’ll light up constantly. You’ll become super magnetic. The force of love helps us to thrive. It helps us to become a super charged generator that electrifies others. Our clients, our colleagues, our friends, our family… our lover(s). I believe that if we nurture that loving frequency in ourselves consciously, we will positively influence others.

“When we take lovingly charge of who we are, how we show up in this world, and what we do with our gifts – and we do this from the heart – we can all remember who we really are: love itself.”

– Michelle Coops

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Meet Michelle

Our Brand Rebel with a heart-felt cause

“We all have a part to play in this world. Most of us know this. Feel this. Desire this. But somehow, we don’t really step into this position. The playfulness and courage that we had as kids is often shadowed by the lessons we learned as we grew older. Nothing new so far; you know this. But…

…No matter how free we think we are, on a deep level we’re highly conditioned to be a certain way.

In our career we need to behave professionally, with a desire to achieve success. In our business, we need to be trustworthy and become the authority, while providing the best service. In our circle of friends, we can be a little crazy… as long as it’s ‘their kind of crazy’.

We believe our love-life is fulfilled when we meet that significant other.

Hardly anyone stands out anymore. We’ve accepted mediocrity. It pains me to see this!!! If everyone has the same kind of flavors, how will we find and connect with the people we really resonate with? How can we truly love and thrive? Our perceived identity can fool us into a career and life that doesn’t do justice to who we are.

Time to change that. Time to reconnect with our hearts and take charge of who we want to be. And thank goodness… people are ready.

Listen… I’ve had my share of laying low too. Life hasn’t always been a picknick. I’d be honored to share my story with you.”

“Love is open. Love doesn’t do protection, self-defense or rules, no barriers or doors. Let it flow. Love your clients, your colleagues, your work, everything you create. We need more loving energy!”

Brand Rebel

/Brand rɛb(ə)l/

1. Courageous, opinionated person with a huge heart

2. Authentic, raw and vulnerable human with magnetic qualities

3. Curious individual with a valuable message


Mediocracy? Never heard of it. We don’t do rules. Ask us: what’s the biggest risk? We say: “Choosing to stay in the safe zone of the known.” We make our way through the unknown. Why? Because we’ve got something to DO in this life. Something valuable. Each of us in our own way, with our own story and on our own terms. We are Brand Rebels. Will you become one too?

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