Express beliefs unapologetically


A brand is built on a set of standards to which everyone holds each other accountable. A strong belief system is key if you want to be known for something BIGGER than your products alone.

The product, after all, changes and evolves, while the brand consistently remains the same. It’s the foundation, the umbrella, the blood through the veins, the wrapping paper as well as the contents… whatever metaphor you want to use.


Marketing tools may change, algorithms will surely change, products will evolve, but your brand must stay the same.

Essentially, this means that to build a brand, you need to do MORE than develop products, and you need to do more than launch a website with your logo on it. Your brand is not simply the tangible or visible part of your business.

You first need to know what it is that you wish to share with the world. This is highly intangible – but it’s FELT.

You need to set the standard. You need to be clear on what you believe in, because those beliefs position you. After all, you literally take a stand.

How to do that? How do you take a stand?

First, define a belief that contradicts the industry. By juxtaposing the industry, you’re setting yourself apart. You could, for example, claim the exact opposite of the status quo. This sill trigger curiosity, maybe even shock people, because it’s out of the ordinary. Explain your statement well and educate people on the nuances.

Second, be crystal clear in your language. Clarity shows certainty. Certainty creates trust. Trust allows for a connection to be established. People need clarity! It also helps them decide to walk away on time :).

Thirdly, support your claims with research. Prove you know your sh*t by referring to statistics and science.

It’s vital to express your beliefs if you want to build something that’s bigger than just you and the business. Allow yourself to do that, be courageous enough to take a stand.

Oh and a little disclaimer here… beware of making medical or legal claims you can’t support. 😉

Hope this helps!!!