Power of Words and their meaning


Funny enough, right after recording this video I got entangled in a conversation about the power of meaning behind emoji’s. Whenever you send a random emoji, people will always try to find the hidden meaning behind it – even if there isn’t any.

Quite amusing, when you think of it.

Especially because everybody will find their own meaning.

It’s no different with words. We automatically attach meaning to words. There’s no point in using words if there wasn’t any meaning, right? We’re communicating thoughts, feelings, beliefs, requests, and try to establish a connection with the other person.

So why is this important?

Mainly because words may have a different meaning to us all. What’s professional to you, may not be professional to me. And if you leave it up to your audience to attach meaning to your words, you run the risk of people not getting it.

This is exactly why you need to explain YOUR beliefs really well. If you believe a business has a responsibility towards the environment, explain what that means to you specifically. How do you act? What do you do? What does the word mean and what not?

By framing or even reframing words according to YOUR beliefs, you create clarity around your brand and its position. People who resonate with those beliefs will know where you stand, they’ll consciously choose to work with you – not for the products alone, but for the beliefs. It’s about the message, m’dear, much more than the product alone.