So this happened… Oh my – Branding lesson in here!


You know your business. You know how to do your magic. Most entrepreneurs do; they’re great at their core business. But they have no clue what branding is and how to position themselves congruently.

You don’t need to know it all, but you do need to understand the principles so you know what to be aware of.

Here’s what I see all the time (may it help you in not making these mistakes).

Most entrepreneurs or business owners:

– kinda know who they are, but never took time to consciously work on the brand. Why not? Cuz customers go first…

– think rebranding is similar to a a new name, a new logo, new website. It’s all part of it, but the real work doesn’t start on the outside with labels and paint; it starts inside.

– follow rules of what’s expected and are not bold enough to be different in their message, language pattern, visual branding, pricing, etc.

– focus on the looks: logo, colors, website. They forget to show their personality through language.

They expect marketing experts to bake yummy cake, but fail to provide the right ingredients and fail to follow the right recipe.

Branding starts with you, dear entrepreneur. You set the vision, the direction, you decide on the values for your brand and you decide on who you want to work with by expressing yourself in a versatile, congruent, DIFFERENT, way. Without trying to please the world, but with BALLS to show your brand’s identity and personality.

After that, you’re ready to redesign that logo, launch that website.

PS: Get the copywriter in from the start of the website, not when it’s already built.

Much love,